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My one obsession right now is buying second hand clothes online from Vinted and the success has been so great, I wanted to share with my top 5 tricks to buy on there. Honestly, I always had a passion for second-hand shopping. I still remember the first time I second hand shopped: it was a pair of Victoria shoes and it was through Myspace and I had to ask please to my mum. I was 17, obsessed with reading about bloggers thrifting all over the world. Sad to say, where I lived there was not a single second-hand shop and buying online from a stranger wasn't that easy.

Fortunately today, second hand shopping online is way easier. I mean, WAY easier. From websites like Ebay or apps like Depop, we can trust a stranger online way easier because of loyal feedback left by other users or just for the simple fact we are not as shy when it comes to sharing our real identity online. I can't count how many bloggers today sell their closets on Depop.

When I moved to Spain however, I came to know another app: Vinted. At first, it took me a while to get the gist of it - there was so many options, how could I narrow down my buys? Well, with filters and just a magical touch, I started buying great second hand clothes from my favorite brands for ridiculous prices, I mean, seriously insane prices. Unfortunately, it still isn't available everywhere but I would recommend checking it out to see if you can access it from wherever you are located right now. Check it here.

Anyway, there it was, I was second hand shopping again thanks to Vinted. Even though I've been trying to control myself when it comes to shopping in general and going for sustainable options when I really want/need something, going for second hand clothes is a great option. That's why I wanted to share with you my top five favorite tips and tricks on how to buy on Vinted.


As I said before, filters made everything easier for me. Because of that I have a personalized feed with the size I wear instead of being constantly fooled by pretty clothes I could never fit in. However, on your profile you can pick not only the sizes but also your favorite brands. In my case I have size 14 and around and brands like Kling, Asos, Compañia Fantastica and Monki.


Not only you can have your favorites page to check later but also makes the seller know you are interested in a piece they are selling. And why is that so cool? Well, many sellers end up approaching you regarding that item with a lower price suggestion. Great for both! You end up buying that Topshop dress you really had your eyes on and they end up getting rid of something that was just annoying them in that "pile of clothes to sell".


Just like the seller can make offers to you, you can make offers to them. Vinted has a feature where you can suggest a different price from the one that is signed without even having to talk to the seller. You just make your offer and they can even accept it or decline it. From personal experience they end up accepting it or making a counter offer where you can meet in the middle. A dress that was 20€ and you suggest 15€ can now be selled for 17€, suggested by the seller. It's actually quite fun how many negotiating options the app gives you.


Imagine you find a seller with a taste exactly like yours. There you think "I wish I could buy everything from here". And guess what? With shopping bundles you end up saving on postage (more than one item in the same package, hello) and most users have the bundle discount. This means that if you buy more than one piece and if you do so, the buyer offers you a discount. A seller can offer up to 50% off if you buy more than one piece on their Vinted page. Great, isn't it?


If you check the app forum, you'll find a great deal of sellers promoting their discounted pieces. Either "everything is a 50% off" or "I am selling everything I have on my page only for 100€", this is a great place to check every now and then.

And with these five topics, I really hope I helped you when it comes to tips and tricks to buy on my favorite second hand shopping app at the moment.

See you soon,
Marisa Ferreira

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