by - February 22, 2021

I am that kind of person that blames everything on astrology. Now that Mercury in Retrograde is over I really don't have that much to blame on but I always find ways - even if it is by staying way more time than needed on "The Pattern" (if you don't have this app, just get it, but I won't be the one to blame).

Currently, it seems, according to astrology, like a great moment for me to express myself in a creative way but that doesn't seems to be case. I am currently going through that creative block. The one that cripples in, in the middle of the night, snatches your dreams and your will to create.

Honestly, the time I've spent before I had the courage to grab my laptop and let my words flow was significant - lets just say that. I have been wondering if, since this is an outfit post, I should talk about what I am wearing but, oh damnit, if that does not seem completely insignificant next to everything a person can actually say to the world. I could talk about wishes. I could talk about the songs I have been listening in repeat. The book that has been eating my mind. Well, the answers are simple: I wish to be free. I have been listening to everything Gus Dapperton. The book is Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon.

Well, this seems about right. But don't get me wrong, I love to speak about clothes. You will always find me browsing for new inspiration in that department but today, today it seems insignificant. There are days like this, when you want your mind to float but it just stays there, still. And any deserved words I could put out there about how insanely badass this outfit makes me feel, would be just empty words. And for empty words, you already have this post.

Dress - Monki; Belt - Bershka

See you soon,
Marisa Ferreira

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