by - February 16, 2021

Blogging in 2021. Is that even a thing? Is it only nostalgia of a blogger? Are there readers out there for such kind of thing when influencers seem to have taken over platforms like Instagram and TikTok? Honestly, I've always been a very visual person and Instagram and TikToK do appeal me a lot but there is something about words that cannot be replaced. And that's why I think that now, more than ever, we need blogs back. Let it be 2009, who cares? It's not like 2020 and 2021 have been kind to us.

Call it nostalgia, I do understand, but I miss reading the posts of my favorite bloggers. When I began I would stay hours reading The Clothes Horse and so many other blogs I still have on my list but that, sadly, gave up writing, sharing, creating. Besides that, having a blog is eternal, it is something you own and cannot be taken away from you. It's not like Vine that suddenly disappeared. It doesn't rely on algorithms, on popularity. It's there as a safe place for those who like to meet you twice a week or so while drinking a cup of tea. Blogging is like a journal you decided to share with the world. A scrapbook of ideas, a collage of memories. 

Blogging is so eternal I still have access to my first one. It was called "Green Grass and Black Clouds" and, even though I do cringe at those outfits, I love to see that younger me, sharing her way through uni. Today I am 31 and life is not the same as it was but one thing is still the same: the power of words. And that's why, this past week, I got back to blogging. I went through my phone and started selecting photos I wanna share with you. Like these ones. I could post them only on Instagram but would it be the same without this rant? Would it be the same if I did not share how I felt when I took them? 

Well, I felt free and 19 again, when I started taking my outfit pictures against a wall in my uni bedroom. Afterwards, I went for a coffee and it was sunny. I felt like the coolest kid in town wearing a dress that brought me thoughts of Amy Lee and my goth phase. Thank Goddess it is over. But blogging I am, while sharing floating dresses in pretty locations. And it feels right, oh so right.

Dress - H&M; Trench - Primark; Shoes - Pull and Bear

See you soon,
Marisa Ferreira

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