by - February 15, 2021

I always liked traveling alone. Most people I know don't understand this urge but the idea of being alone and truly myself in a place where nobody knows me it's more than appealing... it's exiting! I get to wake up at the hour I want, take the time I want getting ready, having breakfast and then I get to stroll around the city I land without any commitments. 

I never been the regular tourist. If I go to Paris, I don't really care about the Eiffel Tower. If I go to London, I'll even avoid the tourist trap - Big Ben. Same with Barcelona and the Gaudi monuments. Anyway, I could create an endless list of all the places I avoid or leave it to the end of the list when exploring a new destination.

I am the tourist that likes to mingle with the locals, find those hidden gems, walk around without destiny, going through the streets not mentioned on the guide of the "must see" of a city. I like to go to vintage and charity shops, those indie pubs with cheap beer and The Killers banging out loud (call me what you want, I am sucker for the unison singing of Mr Brightside with a bunch of unknown people), secret clubs, sitting on a garden reading a book I just got from a local bookstore. 

The last time I had the chance to do so was some months ago when I went to Vigo and Santiago de Compostela in Spain. I lived in Santiago before but I've never been to Vigo until the date and it was lovely to discover a new place near the coast. But I must admit, most of the time I spent it on the hotel. I know, what an idiot. But hey, there is an explanation: it was great! The big bed, the great view, the docks so close by, the terrace on the top where I could just lay down and listen to some music on my headphones. Also, the breakfast was worth every cent. The café con leche freshly made by a barista at the hotel was all I needed to start the day. Plus the croissants, obviously. 

All of the deserved break time I needed. The hotel was the Zenit Vigo****. With Coronavirus, I got the change of booking that hotel at an insane price. The time was right, Spain was safer, people were careful, the rooms were clean and fresh - and trust me, I can tell that, I already worked as a housekeeper in a couple of hotels. It was, no doubts, what I needed to reboot my system.

One thing about traveling is that people end up putting too much pressure on the "what to do", "we should be fast" and they end up losing the bit of just breathing, relaxing, turn off their minds. Sometimes it's okay to just lay in bed, turn on the local TV, lay on your undies, order McDonald's and enjoy the getaway without the pressure of seeing everything. In the end, I always end up visiting the same place more than once because I fall in love with the places very easily and I always desire to get back.

In the end, every person has their own style of tourism and I am definitely the lonely kind. Maybe I am just getting older, maybe it is my personality, maybe I've been always like this.

Seen you soon,
Marisa Ferreira

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