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I first heard of SheGlam on Instagram in one of those shady ads where a girl applies way too much foundation without actually needing it. Nevertheless, the ad worked for me, seeing such a great coverage made me jump into my SheIn app and check their makeup products - yeah, SheGlam belongs to SheIn. 

I don't usually buy on SheIn apart from lingerie, which is cute as hell. So buying their makeup products was a bit of a risk. Let's just say it was a good risk, all products are incredibly cheap and, as soon as they arrived, I couldn't help but notice how great the packaging was. The foundation and the powder even came wrapped in little velvet bags - I am talking about a foundation that cost 8 dollars.

So, for about 37 dollars, I got not only the foundation and the powder but also two eyeliners, a liquid blush, a mascara, a lipstick and a eyeshadow palette with 18 shades, 3 makeup sponges and two eyebrow trimmers.


I was extremely skeptical about this one. 8 dollars? For a foundation on a glass bottle and wrapped in a velvet bag. Boy, was I wrong. This is probably one of the best foundations I've tried in a long time. Super easy to blend, high coverage (my skin does not have many issues though), the shade was perfect for my skin and what can I say beside highly recommending it? The finish is matte but not dry, which is great for me as I have mixed skin - I didn't even felt the need to put powder on top for how great the finish was. For reference, I got the shade Shell. You can find the foundation for sale HERE


The eyeliner I got was one of those with two tips: one normal and another one with a stamp for those who have some issues doing the eyeliner wing. I did not use the stamp because at this point I am way used to do the eyeliner only with the normal tip - hey, former emo kid here. The black is actually black, not a weird shade of dark grey like many eyeliners seem to be, even the expensive ones, and it lasts. I mean, it really lasts. I took a "little" 5 hour nap the other day with the eyeliner on and it was there, perfect, untouched, and I am one of those people who love to roll around the bed when sleeping. I found it super easy to apply either you want a smaller line or a big rock and roll one. And the best part? 3 dollars. Yeah, you read it right. A 5 star eyeliner for 3 dollars. You can find it HERE.


I go through phases. Sometimes I love a good colorful blush, sometimes I go full vampire with nothing on my face, not even a bit of bronzer. But since I've watched Doja's Cat video for Vogue where her makeup routine is basically only blush, I've been obsessed with having my face as pink and coral as an anime character. I picked this blush for two main reasons: the design (if I was Fenty Beauty I'd be mad) and the applier. And oh did I have fun with this one! It is very creamy and blends lovely with the skin, specially when using a beauty sponge. It is also highlighter but it is not full of weird sparkles that are a mess, it actually looks pretty on the skin and gives it a healthy and glowy finish. The price? 4 dollars. Once again you cannot go wrong. Find it HERE.


I am very faithful to my Maybelline Superstay lipsticks but for the fun of it, I really wanted to try something different. So I looked, without great expectations, on the lipstick section of the website. Another liquid lipstick, I thought. Why not? Well, it was actually a great idea. The formula is very light and it feels like you are not wearing anything when, in fact, you are using a very deep matte color on your lips. It's great! I had my tea, coffee and only after some hours, the color started to vanish on the middle section of the lips, but very lightly. It's no Maybelline Superstay but it is only 3 dollars and I am definitely getting more colors on this one. Look for it HERE.


I don't own many palettes. In fact, I own a couple and that's good enough for me because I am not very experimental when it comes to eyeshadow shades. I like my reds, oranges and browns and that's about it. But for a while now I've been wanting to find an affordable palette with a great shade of yellow - and I did. The palette "The Artistry" not only has that great yellow I've been looking for but also some nice shades of orange and brown plus other funky colors in case I am feeling like stepping out my comfort area. I was not waiting for much again but the pigmentation is so much better than I was waiting for. Yellows are always a disappointment and this wasn't, not at all. The price was only 8 dollars, which is, once again, a bargain. I believe they only cheaped in on the package that could be more rigid and maybe have a mirror? Probably I am asking for too much. You can find it HERE.  


I could say this was my least favorite but then I would not be fair as I actually loved this product as well. Maybe I already have way too many too many bronzers but ignoring that fact, this is a great one. The packaging alone is insane. It is hard and comes with a little mirror inside. Besides looking super chic and expensive - which it wasn't, only 4 dollars. I got the darkest color to use it as contour but it also comes in lighter ones to use it as a normal powder. It is very very soft and the color I picked isn't too warm and orange, which is a plus. It's very smooth as well and does not look heavy on the skin. Definitely a surprise. You can look for it HERE.


If there is any product I did not find the appeal in was the mascara. I like mascaras that are dramatic - like the one I've been using by Nars - and this one serves the purpose, if much. If you are looking for something very bland and suave, well, jackpot. If like me you want something that actually fills your eyes, I'd recommend something different. The price was 3 dollars and you can find it HERE

See you soon,

Marisa Ferreira 

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