It's nice to have you around. My name is Marisa and I am that millennial that always had some sort of blog - blogger, tumblr, fotolog... you name it! Reporting my life online through words and photos always has been a passion of mine and, with The Wandering Day, I decided to actually sit down, organize my thoughts into little files and finally put myself out there... out here. And I am really glad that you can join me.

I am a Fashion Communication Designer and Cultural Marketeer from Portugal but life took me to Spain where I am living right now and still figuring out the language, the costumes, food, vermuts before lunch, siestas in the afternoon. All those nice things I love to share with you! 

But besides everything, The Wandering Day is a friend. Either you like to see cute outfits online or you are struggling with mental health issues, this is a place to share and feel less alone during a time where isolation seems to be taking over us.

Thank you for being aroung!